Azia Janelle. 18. 25mm Lobes. Vegetarian. Taken. Instagram: Aziajanelle Youtube: Aziajanelle
"Say it loud
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
We’d love to love to love ya”

Popart Chibiusa by Rikae
My new cute thigh highs c:
Did ur parents let you get piercings and stretch your ears or did u go behind their backs? I know you're old enough to do

They let me get my belly button, tongue, and industrial/most of my ear piercings.
I got my septum before I was allowed to, I wasn’t supposed to stretch my ears but did it anyway. However, my labret, microdermal (it used to be plural because I had three :,c) and nipple piercings were of the age of 18 and after.
I’m thinking about getting a few more soon :)

"Try to get my prize it ain’t yours until I get enough"
I dig the picture even though you see my white goat behind me.